Anne Mcallister

Board Member

About Anne

Anne has been actively involved with the recovery community and efforts since for about 40 years. She has worked in a variety of capacities within the framework of recovery and treatment including deep involvement with Alternative Peer Groups. She has worked as a counselor and a nurse in the treatment field for many years and knows all aspects of recovery from substance use. She herself started her own personal recovery journey in an APG (Palmer Drug Abuse Program) and has continued to support the ongoing efforts of APG’s in their development and missions. She has served on the board of TAFS and UHS over the past couple of years here in the city of Austin. She continues to be passionate about her belief that early intervention on the life of a young person who has started experimenting or using substances can be profound and lifelong if given the best support and tools. She stands behind the idea that this can only happen in an environment with other peers that offer that support, engagement, encouragement, and fun.