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Overdose is the #1 Cause of Death for Americans between the ages of 18-50

1 in 3 Households are affected by Addiction in America

Keystone APG is here to help your family begin their journey into Recovery!

Keystone APG is a program of the Austin Recovery Network that utilizes the 12 step model, peer-led support groups, after-school activities, and weekend events to help adolescents begin their recovery from addiction. Keystone knows that addiction is a family disease, which is why we also offer a weekly family group and parent support groups. 

Keystone believes that there are two components necessary for a teen to enter recovery:


Teens thrive off of their peer’s approval which is why when teens re-enter into their old environment after getting sober it is very difficult for them to stay sober. An APG allows for the teen to feel a part of because the norm is sobriety.

2. FUN

Teens aren’t going to stay sober if it’s boring. A lot of teen’s perception of sobriety is that they will spend their weekends alone in their room. At Keystone we strive to have the weekends be as much or more fun then they were when the teen was using drugs or alcohol. We do this by offering weekend events such as wakeboarding, paintball, going to the movies, bowling, etc.


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