An alternative peer group is a group of teenagers who are all struggling with the same afflictions and support one another and encourage healthy changes in the individual’s life. The idea that sparked the creation of APG’s is to take the peer pressure that pulls teenagers into substance abuse and use it to bring kids into sobriety by creating a social norm of sobriety and wellness. This is an idea that has been around for the past 40+ years, starting with Palmer Drug Abuse Program (PDAP) in the 70’s in Houston, TX. Since then, multiple different types of APG’s have sprouted up all across Texas and are beginning to cross the border into other parts of the U.S.  If you look at any other life issue people could have, cancer, loss of a loved one, people with significant debt, there are support groups for all of them. What makes an APG different from any of those is, simply put, the supervision. Every APG is different; some drug test, have multiple groups a week, encourage therapy and other support systems, and others are just 2 meetings a week. At Keystone, we try and take all the best qualities in the other APG’s to create the best experience. We do things like regular drug testing, host family and client groups, individual coaching, exciting functions and maintain a group of well educated and passionate volunteers to guide the clients in this way of life.