This year for Spring Break Keystone went to Galveston, TX.

Day One of Our Trip: We traveled in a van together to get from Austin to Galveston. When we got there, we set up in the beach house we rented. We rented a four bedroom house for the group and then had a group that night to discuss our personal goals for the trip.

Day Two of Our Trip: We went to Moody Gardens! We explored the rainforest. We met some monkeys, a komoto dragon, and bats! After that we went to underwater to pet sting rays, saw jellyfish, and saw exotic fish. We then watched a 4D movie about Sharks. We had so much fun!

Day Three of Our Trip: We spent the day enjoying the sun and ocean! We enjoyed time at a Beach Club House with a pool, hot tub, and ice cream! We then went down to the beach and had fun splashing in the waves. We Barbequed at the Beach Club House for dinner! 

Day Four of Our Trip: We went to Kemah Boardwalk to play on the roller coasters and other rides! We had so much fun being kids again.

Day Five of Our Trip: We packed up the house and drove home to Austin! The kids enjoyed singing songs together on the car ride back. After such a memorable trip, the kids couldn’t wait to get home to tell their families and friends about their week! Trips like these help to show teens in group that being sober doesn’t mean that you can’t have a fun Spring Break with your friends!