Our Program


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Our Program 

Our program is aimed at helping adolescents and their families to recover from the harm caused by substance use and addiction.

The Alternative Peer Group model consists of providing teens with a fun and safe environment, providing opportunities for life-long bonds to be formed between teens, as well as providing them with support and accountability from their staff and peers. A big part of our program is parent involvement. Addiction is a family disease in that it affects more than just the person using drugs or alcohol. We believe that the whole family has to change in order for there to be a transformation. Our support groups and functions are mandatory.

Keystone also offers quarterly outward bound retreats! These trips include a Fall Campout, New Years Campout, Spring Break Retreat and a Summer retreat. These trips are spiritual in nature and can have life changing effects on teens!


Keystone Arkansas Retreat

Keystone Teen Group 

If you think this program is right for your teen, please contact us and get the help you and your child deserve.

Keystone APG  Schedule


On Site Hangout for Adolescents at our Main Location (5-7pm)


Family Group- 1st and 3rd of the Month (6-7pm)

Parent Led Support Group (6-8pm)

Peer Led Support Group (6-8pm)


On Site Hangout & Recovery Meeting for Adolescents (5-8pm)


Peer Led Support Group (6-8pm)

Parent Led Support Group (6:30-7:30pm)

Off Site Activity for Adolescents (8-10:30pm)


Off Site Activity for Adolescents (3 hour time block)