Inpatient Treatment Centers

inpatient treatment is often the only place a teen or even an adult will come to terms with their disease. There are many different types of inpatients but they all set out to do one thing, provide the patient with a stepping stone to start on.

Memorial Hermann the PaRC

Phoenix House

Sundown Ranch

The Right Step


Intensive Outpatient

IOPs are a huge part of the recovery path for teenagers struggling with this disease. It is a place for deep internal work in a supportive group setting.

Memorial Hermann the PaRC

Sage Wellness and Recovery 

Al-Anon Meetings

Al-Anon meetings are instrumental in the health of not only parents of the addict, but the family as a whole. At Keystone, we encourage all of our parents to attend outside Al-Anon meetings and to work with a sponsor. 

Other Resources and Community Partners